Darling, You Can Do Hard Things

The bedroom door was closed. As I approached, prepared to gently knock as I opened the door, I could hear her sobbing. It was my little girl, Andie. My 7 year old heroine was not having a good morning. She told me that she was upset because she was going to miss Amanda and I, as she was going to be away for the next week. Earlier in the morning, Amanda had [...]

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Happy Birthday Dad

An open letter to my father on his birthday... It has almost been 35 years since I have known you. A father is said to be the first man in a daughter's life, the first man [...]

Memories of a Loved One Are Something That Can Be Treasured and Replayed in Your Mind at Will

Emotional energy can bring about a powerful ability to release comfort and ease. Recollections of friends and relatives, if done in a healthy way, can be a peaceful release [...]